About the Team

Team Lexbodh is a firm having a very good extend of experience relating to Trademarks, Service marks, and other intellectual property. The Firm is oriented towards protecting and safeguarding intellectual creativity and other innovative creations.


  The firm is having the flexibility to provide professional and associated services to individuals private and public institutions for their intellectual property; as well as extend a team of expert Intellectual Property attorneys & legal professionals to take care protection of Intellectual property right. Our team is  competitive, dynamic & talented, who possess enough experience relating to matters involving intellectual property law. Our team maintains an effective & continuous interaction with our clients and also provides necessary feedback. 


            Our firm strongly believes s that Intellectual Property is the company’s most valuable asset. Intellectual Property lays foundation to the growth of business. 

Hence its very important for all your branding to be protected from infringement.



“ A TRADEMARK is anything that identifies and distinguishes the source of the Goods or Services of one party from those of others”

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 “Copyright” is a form of intellectual property protection granted to the creators of original works of authorship such as literary works (Including computer programmes, Tables and Compilations), dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings. 

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An infringement is an action or situation that interferes with your rights and the freedom you are entitled to. These infringement can be avoided in case of IPR.

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